Women Of The Year

13 Oct

I was looking forward to attending this year’s “Women of the Year” event as a Young Ambassador on behalf of the Prince’s Trust. The Women of the Year event took place at the Hilton Metropole, Birmingham. It was simply too great an opportunity to get the chance to meet such inspirational women that I could not have missed it. As it included fashion and networking with business women, I knew it was just up my street. I was lucky to have Jill White, the Entrepreneur and Business Champion from Hanselman Consulting, join me for the Event.

On arrival we were given the agenda of the programme. There was also opportunity to buy raffle tickets – the prize was for 2 plane tickets from London to New York!! I wandered around the large reception where the ladies were networking and looking around the fashion stands. There were scarves, jewellery and clothes at the stands. What caught my eye was the boutique Moloh – what stunning pieces! The coats and shirts looked beautiful. They had a Heritage Appeal to them, taking on the English Taste!

After the reception, we were taken into another room for our 3 course meal. I was greeted by a lovely lady called Sarah Coburn from SCC, a Technology company. SCC are patrons of the Prince’s Trust. Jill and I enjoyed chatting to Sarah during the course of the meal.

As we enjoyed coffee after the desserts, a fashion show from Hobbs took place featuring Autumn Season styles on the catwalk. The shirts and the polo neck jumpers worked really well underneath the A-Line tunic dresses. The warm colours of coats looked really stylish and classy with the Fedora hat. The fur scarves can dress up occasion wear; this will surely keep one warm for Christmas and dazzle in the sparkly navy blue dress.


Following from the fashion show it was time for the speakers and the awards. The highlight of the event was the key note speech by Michelle Mone. Michelle’s talk was very inspirational. She explained how she started her business, her motivation and what kept her going, ultimately ending up with an extraordinary lingerie design that everyone wanted which got her name out there.

Karren Brady’s talk explored what women can achieve. I actually got to see her live!!!


Finally finishing the event off with the awards.


The business women of the year award went to Dr Redrobe Baroness Steadman Scott, an international renowned wildlife vet and conservationist.

The Women of Achievement Award going to Baroness Newlove who makes a difference for standing up to victims of crime. A big congratulation to all of this year’s winners.


As we got ready to leave, Wade Ceramics Ltd gifted us a lovely mini gluggle jug to take back home with us.


Women Of The Year

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[img src=http://crowdcapture.co.uk/blog/wp-content/flagallery/women-of-the-year/thumbs/thumbs_img_20151011_120130.jpg]3110
[img src=http://crowdcapture.co.uk/blog/wp-content/flagallery/women-of-the-year/thumbs/thumbs_img_20151011_120222.jpg]3100
[img src=http://crowdcapture.co.uk/blog/wp-content/flagallery/women-of-the-year/thumbs/thumbs_img_20151011_120344.jpg]3110
[img src=http://crowdcapture.co.uk/blog/wp-content/flagallery/women-of-the-year/thumbs/thumbs_img_20151011_120414.jpg]3090
[img src=http://crowdcapture.co.uk/blog/wp-content/flagallery/women-of-the-year/thumbs/thumbs_img_20151011_120842.jpg]3060
[img src=http://crowdcapture.co.uk/blog/wp-content/flagallery/women-of-the-year/thumbs/thumbs_img_20151011_121038.jpg]3080
[img src=http://crowdcapture.co.uk/blog/wp-content/flagallery/women-of-the-year/thumbs/thumbs_img_20151011_121141.jpg]3080
[img src=http://crowdcapture.co.uk/blog/wp-content/flagallery/women-of-the-year/thumbs/thumbs_img_20151011_213624.jpg]3080



I want to say a big thank you to Sarah Coburn from SCC for gifting the tickets for the Women of the Year Event. They are long term patrons of the Princes Trust and actively support the Trust.





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