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30 Dec

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Crowdcapture wishes Happy New Year to all its friends and customers. Many thanks for shopping with Crowdcapture

It has been an exciting year for Crowdcapture in 2014. Not only was it busy for myself on the business scene, it involved a lot of travelling as well. I went to India, when it was wedding season and I also went to Shanghai, Japan, Dubai, Italy and Istanbul.

On my travels I learnt a lot about the culture, historical aspects of the cities and not to forget my particular interest, the Art and Fashion.

Each country had its own street fashion style. In Shanghai the fashion was outrages, mix matching bold colours together. Japan was more my kind of style with the Japanese girls dressed up like dolls. They would wear dresses, skirts and tights, but very smart, modestly dressed. They would go everywhere wearing heels.

In Dubai upon visiting the high end shops in malls, they had gowns which were full lengthened to the floor with long sleeves and which were not to be so revealing. Often they would include a scarf with the dress as part of the design.

When visiting Italy it was mostly touristy as I was visiting all the main galleries and historical buildings. Ladies would wear colourful, uniquely printed clothes that particularly caught my eye. Italy is well known for its fashion in luxurious, fine fabrics. I have noticed in UK, Italy fashion is really becoming popular. Lots of boutique owners and Individual traders are selling Italian one size dresses and tops in fine fabrics designed with layers and drapes. The designs are doing really well.

In Istanbul I mostly saw the historical aspect of the city. There were lots of shops with gift items representing Turkish handicrafts. What I did love is the jewellery in semi-precious stones and its well known Turkish evil eye.

With all the travelling and inspiration I have been getting Crowdcapture will bring in new seasonal collection designs, so watch out in 2015. Here is to wish you success and good health in 2015.

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