Wedding Dress Trends 2019

28 Jul

This year’s wedding dress trend is very different to previous year, it is trying to be in line with the latest fashion trends.

Wait for it – this year’s catwalk fashion is indeed Bridal Swimsuit! Wow – you would have never thought of wearing a swimsuit for your wedding, but here we have it. We have got them in posh numbers white lycra, white lace or a simple swimsuit with the logo Bride embellished onto it.

Lots to choose from for different occasion wear. The white lace can be for the wedding ceremony, the white lycra for the evening and the swimsuit with the Bride logo for enjoyment,hen party.


The recent wedding dress trends has been the bridal jumpsuit and Asos have got one in with a cape – very slick, trendy and modern.


Now would you wear a wedding dress with a big bow? Some ladies would be interested in them they don’t look so girly on the dress as you would think, but quite flamboyant and out there. These dresses will suit tall slim built ladies, very elegant and modern.


Asos Edition Wedding Jumpsuit

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