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River Island Glamorous Fashion for A/W

18 Oct

If you are looking for long-sleeved or short sleeved tops and are fed up with the run of the mill sleeves then River Island have got the looks for you. Beauty of these tops are that while you are wearing long sleeves, you are still slightly covered and showing your arms out of the sheer […]

Wedding Dress Trends 2019

28 Jul

This year’s wedding dress trend is very different to previous year, it is trying to be in line with the latest fashion trends. Wait for it – this year’s catwalk fashion is indeed Bridal Swimsuit! Wow – you would have never thought of wearing a swimsuit for your wedding, but here we have it. We […]

A Fresh Look at Patchwork

7 Dec

As a result of visiting various craft exhibitions, I have been particularly attracted to Patchwork and Quilting. Although this technique was extensively used in the past, it has recently been rediscovered and mixed with various other media to create an interesting mix. In the following I am making an attempt at giving a bit of […]