Sheffield Uni Upcycling Clothes Project

9 Apr

I have started working on an upcycling project with the students at Sheffield University.  It was our first workshop this month and we all found it quite fun and relaxing from our usual stressful lives. I found it quite enjoyable working in a group setting as you work as part of a team to get clothes made. This way you can exchange ideas with each other and build up new relationships with your workmates.

Clothes laid out on the table ready for upcycling


Sewing materials, motifs,lace and beads used to upcycle clothes




Finished pink sweater upcycled with materials used to revamp the top





Different effects you can create by adding lace to shorts



















Keep reading my blog posts to find out how we are getting on with the upcycling project and hope you will find some inspiration in creating your own upcycled clothes.

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