Patchwork Denim – Will it be your cup of tea ?

28 Mar

I have seen a pair of designer patchwork denim trousers online and how funky I thought they were and wondered how cool they will look if I made some up.
When I go about looking for trouser print fabric, first I need to imagine the height and frame of the person that would wear the trouser. Some prints can be to large and not suitable for a small frame.
When I saw these denim fabric jeans, I thought of giving them a go but the process of achieving it looked daunting. However, once I got going, It didn’t look like such a big job after all. It may take a while to achieve the end result but this can be done and how great they look.
I bought 5 denims fabric and patterns in different combinations. On arrival, I laid them all on the carpet to see how each combination looked, some of the combinations worked brilliantly. Now how I am going to stitch them up together that is a secret.





Spring style tops from Next does work wonders with the patchwork denim trousers.

Blouses – Next
Patchwork Denim Fabric – Fabric Shop in Birmingham

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