Outfits for guests to wear to a Multi – Cultural Wedding

19 Nov

Its Wedding season in India this December following Diwali and also because it is a pleasant time of the year to get married. India is known for Big Fat glorious weddings, perfect for showing off your style sense and taste for fashion (or sometime not!). If you happen to be one of Western guests who get invited and are mortified to work out what to wear to fit in the then I have a couple of ideas for you.
Luckily you are spoilt for choice since India offers a wide range of options. For one thing there are various forms of dress you can wear such as a head scarf or an Asian suit. This will make you blend in with other people at the wedding to look the part. You don’t have to wear the same religious traditional cultural outfits as the family members, relatives or friends attending the wedding. Do prepare yourself to be stared at as foreign guest in India are still a bit of novelty, however, feel relaxed as this is just a natural curiosity since otherwise Indian guests are very welcoming and they may even go to some length to please you.

Traditional outfits worn to a Muslim and Hindu Wedding
Muslim and Hindus Bride and Bridegroom wear the same kind of Asian outfits to the wedding. They have quite a few selection of choice of outfits to choose from. These outfits are really decked up. The Bride wears all the works of elaborate jewellery and has both her arms and feet painted with henna. The groom wears an exquisite topor on his head for the wedding.

Bridegrooms Clothes – sherwani, Jodhpuri and Western suit
Brides Clothes – Sari or a Lehenga


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