How To Update your Clothes By Upcycling

8 Apr

Upcycling clothes is the latest craze. You can change old existing clothes to create new, trendy, modern designs which can be worn again but this time look much better.

When you upcycle clothes you look at the outfit and decide what you can add on to the existing garment to revamp it.

You can add motifs, lace, beads and fabric to the outfit to change the look.








Another way is, you can unpick the whole garment and create a new one using the existing fabric and adding new fabric to it. That way you can make up a whole new garment.








If you have got a lot of T-shirts or vests lying around and want to make use of them why not attach fabric at the bottom and you can change it into a dress. These are called T- Shirt Dresses. I have made plenty and they are popular with my customers.








I welcome your comments on what you think of upcycle clothing and you can also contribute to my blog posts by sending your own images of upcycle clothing.

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