How to choose the perfect dress for a friend’s wedding

19 Aug

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If you are like one of those who gets stressed out at the mere thought of deciding what dress to wear at a friend’s wedding and where to find that dress then worry not, you are not alone. The stress becomes even more noticeable as the time gets nearer. Having advised many a friends in a similar situation, I know well.

You want to stand out and be different but the main thing is not to out stand the bride.You might decide to go to Coast, Phase Eight or similar shops to find a posh, stylish looking dress. This is fine but can also mean that it will be a dress that people have seen before and remember from a particular season. If you continually wear it people might recognize what seasonal collection it was in. You wouldn’t want that would you?

There is another choice – why not go to boutiques to look for a dress? They are likely to be more unique, limited collection. You will find the type of dress no one would have seen you in before. It will be more of your choice of dress instead of getting one you have just seen off the rails. That is called being adventurous when you find the right kind of dress of your taste which looks good on you and goes with your personality.

The price of dresses can be high that people can pay for. You can pay upto £200 or if you are lucky you may find a dress that is just right for you for £30 – £100. Or let Crowcapture relieve you of the stress as right at this moment

Crowdcapture is selling the perfect dress that looks stylish and elegant with the colours and print looking so vibrant for the summer season.
As it is now coming towards the end of the season, the Tunic dress is reduced from £60 to £48 so be quick in picking up this one off dress and a bargain. This is a limited edition dress which no one has ever seen before and which will be truly individual to you.

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