Fusion Fashion Suit and Sari Exhibition in Leicester

18 May

You might look at the title of the Exhibition and think Suit and Sari is just about Indian fashion but it is not, it is about Fusion Fashion. The term Fusion Fashion here means combining Western and Indian designs together to make unique Western or Indian clothing, i.e a mixture between the two designs. When you look at the High Street, you can see examples of Fusion Fashion. The shop Monsoon plays a big part in this. I too like to combine Indian and Western designs together when I create my range of fashion clothing.

Talking of the Exhibition, what I find most interesting is the amount of hands on interaction going on between the exhibit and the visitor. An example being the catwalk and the walk in changing rooms. The catwalk gives you the chance to try out a combination of various dresses and accessories, be a model and see yourself projected on the screen. People can learn, try on and experiment in there. It is all about learning each others cultures. There is a youth panel where youngsters from Leicester contributed to the exhibition and gave there views on different types of clothes.

The part of the exhibition which every young designer will love is the designer collection from talented designers in Leicester. A true inspiration!!!

The curators and the young people from Leicester have done an excellent job on putting the exhibition up.

The Exhibition is on till the 7th Oct at the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery.

What are your thoughts on Fusion Fashion. Have you been to see this exhibition?



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  1. Dawn May 21, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

    Fusion fashion is a combination of east and west design. The designs were varied and of excellent quality. The visit to the exhibition was an enjoyable experience, one of which I would visit again.

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