Fashion Event in Leeds

7 Nov

Friday 19th October I went off to see a fashion exhibition and fashion show  in Leeds. I first heard about the fashion exhibition on Look North and I decided to go and see the exhibition after hearing of the incredible work the Leeds University students have done.

The exhibition is held at the Salt Mill Gallery, Leeds. It showcases the students work, a project they have done with the Wool Mark Organisation. The students have taken designs from past 20th  Century garments and have created a new Re – Fashioned versions of it using modern industrial techniques. For example, many of the students used laser cutting method in their work. Through the mood boards in the exhibition, you get to know more about the process of the students’ work, about the 20th Century garments, their social attitudes and multi-cultural influences. You can find out more about the company they worked with.

It was great to see the use of modern design techniques found in the new version of the garments the students have come up with. It gave you a chance to have a close up view of the garments and to learn about the process in which they are made.

The wool Re-Fashioned Exhibition
Friday 7th September – Sunday 11th November 2012
Gallery 2, Salts Mill, Saltaire  BD18 3LA

After the exhibition in the evening I headed off to go to Leeds Fashion Show ‘Dress Me Beautiful’. I was quite excited about the show and couldn’t wait to see the designs. The designers showcased young, modern men and ladies clothing. The designs were incredible I can’t say there was one I liked the best as they were all at a very high standard. The designers are so talented it is good to watch a show and to see how far they have come. I wish them all very best for the future.

Heather Cassidy has covered more about the Leeds Fashion Show and you can view the pictures of the show on In your wardrobe blog article




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