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Wishing you a wonderful 2015

30 Dec

Crowdcapture wishes Happy New Year to all its friends and customers. Many thanks for shopping with Crowdcapture It has been an exciting year for Crowdcapture in 2014. Not only was it busy for myself on the business scene, it involved a lot of travelling as well. I went to India, when it was wedding season […]

Crowdcapture Christmas Events

9 Nov

Christmas is approaching us fast and we are all looking for gifts for family and friends. Crowdcapture are here to take the stress out of finding this unique gift for your loved ones. We will be exhibiting at the following venues this Christmas and look forward to seeing you there.   Chesterfield Christmas Market 23rd […]

T- Shirts, Be Creative Show off your Talents

3 Sep

T-Shirts are an everyday essential wear. What would we do without them. They are good to wear as an individual piece of clothing and they are also good for layering. You can get T-Shirts with slogans or illustrations. T-Shirts are also a good medium to show off your creativity. I first started off designing on […]

How to choose the perfect dress for a friend’s wedding

19 Aug

If you are like one of those who gets stressed out at the mere thought of deciding what dress to wear at a friend’s wedding and where to find that dress then worry not, you are not alone. The stress becomes even more noticeable as the time gets nearer. Having advised many a friends in […]

Indian Inspired Ceramics

29 Jul

I have been to Rufford Abbey many times to see various exhibitions. Every time I am there, I get amazed by the textile exhibitions that take place there. This time when I heard that Pollie and Garry Uttley were having an exhibition of their Ceramics at Rufford and it is inspired by India, I just […]

New Look to Denim

4 Jun

What will we do without denim? Have you met anyone who hasn’t got a pair of denim jeans in their wardrobe? It is very unlikely! Denim is a common piece of fabric and if you thought denim was just for jeans then read on to discover what else you can do with it. Denim can […]

Shop to look out for- Ladies Jewellery Heaven

25 Apr

Once Sheffield was famous for its production of high quality steel and cutlery. Sadly that era is over, however, a new generation of creative designers and artists are keeping the fame of Sheffield alive. One such designer is Jessica Flinn, who has a boutique on Sharrow Vale Road, just off Ecclesall Road, flanked by other boutiques and restaurants, […]

When Giving is Receiving

12 Feb

I often hear people saying they would like to ‘give’ their time for volunteering if they could. Now I say this is a one sided view since when you volunteer, you receive too. You get richly rewarded for your hard work and efforts by getting satisfaction, pleasure and self development. This is what I discovered. […]

A Fresh Look at Patchwork

7 Dec

As a result of visiting various craft exhibitions, I have been particularly attracted to Patchwork and Quilting. Although this technique was extensively used in the past, it has recently been rediscovered and mixed with various other media to create an interesting mix. In the following I am making an attempt at giving a bit of […]

Festival of Quilts

27 Aug

I have recently taken a keen interest in patchwork and quilts. I want to explore it further in my future work. I decided to attend the Festival of Quilts at Birmingham NEC to get to know more what it is about. It was the first time I attended and I found it truly amazing.It was […]