Bespoke Bracelets

16 Aug

I am attending a wedding this summer and I decided to make a bracelet to go with my own bespoke dress I created for myself. Here is a brief overview of my creative process.

I reckoned it would be good to use the fabrics that I used for the dress to create the bracelet so as to get an ideal match. I came up with a brief design for the corsage of the bracelet, then as I started making it, my ideas flowed along until I came up with the final piece.

Once I had the corsage ready, I had to work out how to tie it to my wrist. I thought a gold cord  will look good as it will go with the gold in my fabric and to make it look even more interesting I added some beads. I attached silver and red beads onto the cord on either side of the corsage to give it a rich and more upmarket look.

When the bracelet was complete, the corsage fitted beautifully on my wrist.

Here is the good news – bracelet like this is now for sale on my website. Make an order send me your wrist size I can work on the bracelet straight away and send it to you in the next few days.

You can visit my site to look for more corsage designs.

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