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Sheffield Uni Upcycling Clothes Project

9 Apr

I have started working on an upcycling project with the students at Sheffield University.  It was our first workshop this month and we all found it quite fun and relaxing from our usual stressful lives. I found it quite enjoyable working in a group setting as you work as part of a team to get […]

How To Update your Clothes By Upcycling

8 Apr

Upcycling clothes is the latest craze. You can change old existing clothes to create new, trendy, modern designs which can be worn again but this time look much better. When you upcycle clothes you look at the outfit and decide what you can add on to the existing garment to revamp it. You can add motifs, […]

Massive Discounts for Mother’s Day Gifts

4 Mar

We all know how stressful it can get around Mother’s Day in coming up with ideas to show your love and devotion to your Mum. You will admit, giving just the flowers and a box of chocolates each year can get a bit monotonic and can show a lack of imagination. Well worry not as […]

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

9 Feb

Now I  don’t suppose any one needs reminding of the Valentine’s Day on the 14th February but what is worth remembering is the long term impact it can have on your love relationship if dare forget it . We know of many love struck who get into a panic mode soon as you talk of […]

An Inspiring Book to Read

12 Jan

  The book, The Dressmaker of Khair Khana written by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, tells an inspiring story of how a young woman, Kamila Sadiq, became the breadwinner of her family. She created a dressmaking business giving jobs for women in the neighbourhood when the Taliban in Afghanistan took over. The business offered these women an […]

Latest Trends Kurta/ Tunic Tops

6 Dec

Kurta/Tunic tops are in trend and they are becoming more popular in western countries and look great worn with trousers and leggings. Take a look at the designs of fashion designers Osman, Richard Nicoll, Michael Kors in their A/W Collection 2011-2012. Kurta/Tunic tops look glamorous and sophisticated when worn. I design and stitch for my […]

Turquoise Stone has a positive effect on the Wearer

11 Nov

When exhibiting, I have had a lot of enquiries asking me specifically for necklaces with the Turquoise stone. I am happy to announce the arrival of the Turquoise luxuriance necklace online. The necklace is rich in colours and includes a turquoise pendant.   The name Turquoise stone originated from Turkey. The stone was associated with […]

Crowd Capture – New Arrivals

7 Sep

We are excited about the arrival of our new jewellery collection. Here is just an example the Teddy cuff including volcano red, golden jasper, picaso jasper and beva bead stones. This is one of many items you can purchase in our unique new collection of jewellery in a variety stones. Remember each piece is individually […]

New Dress Collection Added

7 Sep

Some amazing dresses have been added to the clothes section. The dresses are my very own designs and creations and you won’t find them anywhere else.    

Dress Commission

2 Aug

  I was commissioned to make a similar dress to the one I wore at the Multi Cultural event at Ellesmere Centre, Sheffield.