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Wow! What an event

23 Jun

On 10th June I attended a Multi Cultural event at Ellesmere Centre, Sheffield. Ellesmere Centre was also celebrating its 15 years anniversary. People who were lucky to attend the event could have had their nails done, henna put on their hands, a head and body massage, also a portrait done of themselves and these were […]

About Me

13 Jun

Hi! I am Tara your jewellery and fashion design blogger.   I have studied art and fashion design at college. I love all kinds of crafts. My favourite is textiles and fashion which I spend most of my time working on. I like to use fabrics from India to make western clothes as they offer […]

Crowd Capture

7 Jun

We retail and sell to the trade exquisite handmade jewellery and handbags which we source from the Far East. They are unique and different, ideal for those special occasions which show your individuality to make you stand out from the crowd.